Walking down the aisle | KHENRI talks BRIDAL

KHENRI | Bridal Collection

Khenri has now stepped into the bridal arena.

Here is the first pair of shoes that were designed specifically for one gorgeous bride. I’m not going to post pictures of the dress in case her future-husband happens to be cruising the interwebs and stumbles across this. We started with a couple consultations to get a general feel of what she wanted in her wedding shoes; discussed the details of the wedding, looked at the wedding dress, etc.

A 50s Hollywood-glam type wedding absolutely calls for peep toes. Her dress has gorgeous embellishments, much like the jewel in the flower, and a few pearls. Her headpiece has jewels and white feathers, so I carried the theme to the feet. There is a lot of detail in this pair and all inspired by the dress/special bride.

If you are having trouble finding that perfect pair of shoes for that very special day you will experience, we should probably have a little chat.

Also available: bridesmaids shoes.

Don’t forget about your Bachelorette party either! Why not have a fun KHENRI pair to wear out? Purchase yourself or if you are attending a bride’s party, why not pool together to get her a special pair of KHENRIs? She deserves it! YOU deserve it!


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